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Cass Creek Nomad Electronic Predator Game Call

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Cass Creek Nomad Electronic Predator Game Call

The Cass Creek Nomad Electronic Predator Call with Moving Sound is the lightest, easiest to use, wireless remote predator call system available. Furthermore, no need to haul bulky speakers and a spool of cable into the backwoods. Spend less time setting up for your predator hunt and more time calling your prey. In addition, each receiver, (also called a remote) has a high-quality speaker for a clear, loud sound. The Nomad is loud enough to be heard, even in a gusty wind. As a matter of fact, each receiver is remote-controlled by a small handheld Transmitter.

Just place your receiver in a strategic location and operate using the remote control. Operate up to three receivers with a single transmitter. Includes a one-hand operation, compact design, and weighs only 8 oz. Also, the receivers attach to trees, brush, and fences. Clips onto your belt for easy transport. Also with a weather-resistant case.


Includes real predator sounds by world-famous naturalists, digitally recorded, digitally reproduced.
Includes long-range remote control.
It has an effective remote range of 100 feet.
Uses 4 AAA alkaline batteries (included/installed).

Included calls:
Jack Rabbit – A low pitched distress call with drawn-out tones. Hear the despair. Furthermore, like fast food to a coyote.
Cottontail Rabbit – A higher-pitched squeal. Including a more excited and urgent call. True terror in this squeal just knowing predators are on the hunt for dinner.
Coyote Howl – A communication call that announces territories and lures other canines.
Pup Yips – Sharp, short tones of young coyotes making maternal calls.
Fawn Distress – A stressed, drawn-out call used by young deer when separated from their mother.

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